Piano Rules


Art. 1: Cultural Associations Opera for Beginners and I Solisti Laudensi with Malcesine Municipality organize

The FIRST INTERNATIONAL PIANO COMPETITION “Maria Labia Prize” in order to promote musical culture and draw young people to music study and development.

The competition, opened to Italian and foreign applicants, will take place from 10th to 13th October 2019, at the Captain’s Palace in Malcesine (Verona).

Art. 2: for all competitors of section 1 and 2 the program is free choice repertoire.

Art. 3: All rounds of the competition are open to the public


Section 1

Cat. “First notes” born after 01/01/2011; max. performance duration: 4 minutes.

Cat. A born from 01/01/2009 to 31/12/2010; max. performance duration: 5 minutes

Cat. B born from 01/01/2007 to 31/12/2008; max. performance duration: 7 minutes.

Cat. C born from 01/01/2005 to 31/12/2006; max. performance duration: 10 minutes.

Cat. D born from 01/01/2002 to 31/12/2004; max performance duration: 15 minutes.

Cat. E born from 01/01/1999 to 31/12/2001; max. performance duration: 20 minutes.

Cat. F born from 1998 , no age limit; max. performance duration: 30 minutes

Section 2: Four Hands

Cat. G average age up to 11 years included; max performance duration 6 minutes.

Cat. H average age up to 16 years included; max performance duration 12 minutes.

Cat. H from 17 years, no age limit; max. performance duration 25 minutes.

Art. 4: Competitors are allowed to apply to a higher max. age category, but not to a lower one. Each competitors can partecipate in more sections.

Art. 5: The judges, excellent reputation musicians/masters, will stop the performance in case of time limit overstepped and/or will not assign awards and scholarship in case they consider the competitors non-deserving.

Actions and decision of the judges are unquestionable and irrevocable.

Art. 6: Competitors are responsible for their own as well as their accompanists’ travel and accommodation expenses.

Art. 7: Competitors will be admitted to test the piano in the days/timings arranged by organization and made available some days before the beginning of the competition.

Art. 8: Competitors will find the time table and convocation time of each category in the following website: www.marialabia-prize.com

Competitors are expected to keep up-to-date referring to the dedicated website In this regard, management refuses any related responsibility as no different convocation procedure will be adopted.

Art.9: Admitted competitors will made available 1 identity card/document and 1 copies of the program works plan.

Art Director reserves to admit late comers as last competitors.

Art. 10: Award ceremony of first, second, third classified competitors will take place at conclusion of each category performances.

First absolute competitors are compelled to perform at Award Galà on Sunday 13th October 2019 at 18.30 at Captain’s Palace in Malcesine (Verona)

Art. 11: Sensitive data and information will be treated by management under privacy restrictions and in compliance with fundamental rights of the human person as per art. 13 of Legislative Decree 196/03; competitors are advised that their sensitive data provided at application to competition, will be treated only and exclusively for purposes/communications related to the competition; according to art. 7 of nominated decree, data subjects are entitled at any time to obtain confirmation of the existence of personal data concerning them and be informed of their contents and origin, verify their accuracy, or else request that such data be supplemented, updated or rectified; they have the right to request erasure, anonymisation or blocking of any data that is processed in breach of the law as well as to object in all cases, on legitimate grounds, to processing of the data.

Art. 12: Management reserves the right of modify the competition announcement and/or possibly suppress one or more categories and/or sections in case of inadequate number of applicants.Only in this case the application fees will be reimbursed.

Art. 13: Management is not responsible for risks and/or damages of any nature which should occur to competitors during the entire period of the public performance.

Art. 14: The application to competition entail the unconditional acceptance of the rules/regulations of the present announcement.


Section 1 e Section 2 (Four Hands)

Absolute First min. scoring 98/100 will receive 1 price cup, diploma and the scolarships reported here below:

Cat. First notes €uro 50.00

Cat. A €uro 80.00

Cat. B €uro 100.00

Cat. C €uro 120.00.

Cat. D €uro 150.00

Cat. E €uro 180.00

Cat. F €uro 150.00 and one concert

Cat. G €uro 160.00 (aggregate)

Cat. H €uro 200.00 (aggregate) and one concert

To first prize (with scoring from 95/100 to 97/100): cup and diploma

To second prize (with scoring from 90/100 to 94/ 100): cup and diploma

To third prize (with scoring from 85/100 to 89/100): cup and diploma

To fourth prize (with scoring from 80/100 to 84/100): diploma

All remaining competitors will receive the diploma/certificate of attendance.


Application fees:

Section 1

€uro 40.00 for Category: First Notes

€uro 45.00 for Categories: A

€uro 50.00 for Categories: B , C

€uro 55.00 for Category: D

€uro 60.00 for Category: E

Euro 70.00 for Category: F

Section 2

Euro 60.00 for Category : G (aggregate fee for duo)

€ 70.00 for Category: , H, l (aggregate fee for duo)

Accepted Payment Methods:

Bank Transfer to Associazione I Solisti Laudensi. Reason for payment “Application to 1° International Piano Competition “Maria Labia”- the name of the applicant should be clearly reported.